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Choose our free laundry pickup in Philadelphia, PA

Don't have time to wash your specialty items? Save time and energy with a free laundry pickup service. Spotless Touch Laundry Pickup and Delivery Service can simplify your routine with our hassle-free service at only $1.50 per pound! Simply place your dirty items in a designated space and schedule a pickup. If you need recurring laundry pickup services, we'll set up a convenient time that fits your schedule.

Call now to arrange your free laundry pickup service in Philadelphia, PA.

3 reasons to choose our laundry pickup service

Set up a free laundry pickup to save time and energy. You'll feel confident working with our specialists because we will:

  • Pick up your items on time
  • Value your items and will treat them with care
  • Never enter your home - front door pickup and delivery always!

We'll arrange a pickup location. If you need recurring services, we'll create a custom plan that fits your schedule. All services must meet our $75 minimum. If the weight of the laundry is less than 50 lbs, the bill remains $75.
Speak with a specialist today to learn more about our services in Philadelphia, PA and the surrounding area.

$1.50 per pound for regular laundry, we require a $75 minimum

Blankets $10

Duvet Covers $10


Twin/Full $11
Queen $14
King $15

Bathroom Rugs $5

Large rugs $15